Wavestation Mod

If you happen to own a Korg Wavestation EX or Korg Wavestation A/D sooner or later you will face the problem of a dying LCD Backlight.

Now you're left with two options:
1) Replace the Backlight LE Foil with a new one and stay with the bad viewing angle and the inverter whine.
2) Replace the whole display with a LED version and get rid of all the annoying stuff.

After Cheetah and EIsfuchs did the first option a couple of years ago I now took on the second, after the inverter whine drove me crazy when working with the old Korg Lady a whole day in my studio.

So thanks to the internetz I found http://tellun.com/wavestation/wavestation.html
The Mod is for the A/D but since I know that the A/D And the EX are exactly the same System on the inside I decided to try it on the EX.

Collapse )

The display is now inverted (white font on dark blue background) ... and it's bright! Even I'm only giving it about 20mA (it's rated for 100mA! And the synth is now completely silent :)

Hopefully this will last for the rest of the wavestation's life.
But since all (except the power supply) adoptions are made on the new display It's easy to swap back to the original one (or yet another)

Backstage Blog

Thursday 2012.05.10
Well, it's time to go to the storage again. Returning equipment I took out for the wedding and the band rehearsal and getting stuff for the upcoming CFD. This time:
  • 4x JB Scanners
  • 3x GLP Moving Heads
  • Strobe
  • 4x Pin Spot Bars
  • Some Cables
  • Clamps and Safetys
After that's ArtJam-Time in Kettwig, maens the weekly meet and talk about Projects. :)

Friday 2012.05.11
Packing stuff for CFD at home, mainly audio equipment for recording and audience microphoning.

Saturday - Sunday 2012.05.12 - 13 (CFD 09)
Got up at 10:00 for Breakfast and loading the car. Found that the clamps I need for the Moving Heads are not where I expected them to be. This means another unplanned trip to the storage and at least 20 minutes delay.
Skipped breakfast, loaded the car AFAP and was off to the storage.
Did make some good progress with catching up on my schedule until the traffic jam on the A3 ate it away again. So I was 30 Minutes late on location.
Unloaded and parked the car, raided the next ATM and Bakery and finally had breakfast.
Setup went smooth and without big issues. It's always nice to work with people that know their job.
Party started 20:15 cos of some delay at the registration desk.
Operated the lights for some 3h in total that night. Slowly I get a hang of Martin Lightjockey but it's pain in the ass with no hardware controller (like faderboad or triggerpads)
Also enjoyed the party as just a party-goer, talking to a lot of people and dancing.
But when everyone goes to bed at 04:00 more or less drunk I have to start working again. It's breakdown time ... and it's dragging.
Had everything on the ground at 06:00 and ready to load at 07:00. I finally left the location around 07:45 and hit the matress 08:45.
So the true Sunday for me started 16:00. Taking stuff back to the storage and relaxing - already feeling the muscle ache in my back and arms.

Next week will definitive be a relax week, since I'm not going to MMC. After 6 weekends in a row with no break I need some time to wind down.

Backstage Blog

Not much today.
Did some quick audio edit for a dance choreography my vixen eosfoxx is working on right now and started rearranging my Keyboard Performances according to the setlist.
I think that'll be all for today. :)

Oh yeah and of cause out bass player is taibu :P

Backstage Blog

Insprired by bigbluefox Editor's blog I though about why not write a little about my Eurofurence work.
As one of the senior staff I have quite some stories to tell.

After the con is before the con, they say. But I usually try not to work on the next EF until January. Witch means this EF year is already 4 month old for me. So what has happened so far?
  • Me and my team analyzed the last EF and made notes for improvements.
  • We collected new concept ideas and started discussing them in the forum.
  • EF e.V. bought a new Audiodesk based on my recommendations witch I really, really like :)
  • Our this years team structure is sorted out
  • I already allocated this years budget frame
  • I already had the first mail exchange with our rental company about our new concepts
  • I know of the PawPetShow and a concert feature coming up in witch I will take an active role as musician
  • I already went through the first 4 band-reherasal weekends and prepared a lot of stuff I need for making live music
Sunday 2012.05.07:
After a long saturday band rehearsal and sleeping in there was brunch and some aftermath with the band at a local restaurant. Then returning home after I dropped off our bass player at the airport. The rest of the evening was spend re assembling my home studio so that I can again practice and program sounds. Readjusted the switchpoint of my my keyboard pedals and updating them from no-name-plugs to Neutrik plugs was due, too. Failing pedals of plugs during the concert would be a nightmare as most of my live patches relay heavily on them; not only sustain but also layer switching, sfx triggers and cross fades.  
After that I spend some hours digging for my old Heather Alexander song transcriptions, putting some of them into another key for Alexander James Adams, refining the chord notation and putting them online for the band.
Bed called around 3am.

Monday 2012.05.08:
while sitting at work I got the Idea of splitting My Hammond patch and the Pad patch on two separate keyboards but using only one Board to run all the controls off (rotary, distortion, filter, etc) So this calls for even more MIDI cabling and expanding the Programming of the MOTU Midi Timepiece II that does all the routing in the rig.
Back home I started just this, documenting my setup cabling, and MTP II Programming along with it.
Did some SysEx Backup of the Wavestation and Finger training in the end.
Bed called at 3am again.

Tuesday 2012.05.09:
Spend the whole evening wrapping my mind around Wavestation programing (it really has bean a while)
In the end I got my Patch and the Performance to work with the new setup. Dumped another 2 hours into fine tuning crossfade parameters, velocity curves, gain setups, filter ceilings etc. - just for one song!
Next up: Organizing my Performances according to the setlist and creating performances and patches for the songs I havn't worked on.
- But not today :)

February 14th

It's Valentines Day. Means, it's my birthday.
I just started celebrating with my vixen by opening a 2008 bottle Zinfandel Turning Leaf.
A lot has happened the past year. Too much to put it here. But ev'rything turned out pure positive in the end.
All my friends out there who helped me with this and that to get where I am now, back in NRW enjoining life, I owe you. :)

Now looking forward to my first true vacation in 3 years - FCN + Roadtrip in April.
To all the couples out there, enjoy some cuddles. I will too.
Have a nice valentine and take care.

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Upgraded to Win7-Pro64 today.
It's on my new PC (Intel Core i7 860 @2,8 GHz, 4GB RAM, 1TB HDD) now - my christmas present to myself. And it runs great so far :) Had no problems installing all Hardware including my Tascam-DAW.

Still need some time to get around the new naming conventions and concepts (having used XP for nearly a decade now). But the screen-casts on MS.com help you to get a hang of it - never believed that.
Once you've learned how to customize everything to your needs it's not THAT far away from XP. :)

And now back to the tedious task of installing all the software ...
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Against FurZombies

Me too? Sure!

I've already voiced my opinion in different journals so far.
So there is no other way for me than supporting this uprising group against taxidermy plush.

I obtain a well-founded contra position in that real fur plush matter that is not based on any "but mommy said it's bad" and I will not put it up to discussion here. Periode. Also I'm not going into the accusations, arguments, and ethics corner here. (cos than it would be a damn long post nobody would ever read).

But don't get me wrong. It's neither against the classic taxidermy craft which I respect as quit challenging nor the art of making a lovable plush animal which I have done myself.

But this is against the use of real fur for luxury.
Raising the demand for real fur while on the other side international organizations fight against fur trade.
How long until someone wants a little simba lion cub plush cos he's such a great TLK fan? And how long until the black market has that fur read for sale?

So take a look at this site (click banner) and wake up your mind!
Against Fur Zombies

(insults and flames will be deleted with no further warning!)

Me too ...

1) Who are you?
2) Are we friends?
3) When and how did we meet?
4) Would you kiss me?
5) Give me a nickname and explain why.
6) Describe me in one word.
7) What was your first impression of me?
8) Do you still think the same?
9) What reminds you of me?
10) If you could give me anything, what would it be?
11) How well do you know me?
12) Are you gonna put this in your journal and see what I say about you?
13) Would you meet up with me?
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On My Disk

.. started working on something today you might like.

perhaps this rings a bell,

clean cut done: Stagehands, Cleaning Lady
rough cut done: Lionel
to go: Mika, Lori, Monty, all SFX, Ambiences and Music
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