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Insprired by bigbluefox Editor's blog I though about why not write a little about my Eurofurence work.
As one of the senior staff I have quite some stories to tell.

After the con is before the con, they say. But I usually try not to work on the next EF until January. Witch means this EF year is already 4 month old for me. So what has happened so far?
  • Me and my team analyzed the last EF and made notes for improvements.
  • We collected new concept ideas and started discussing them in the forum.
  • EF e.V. bought a new Audiodesk based on my recommendations witch I really, really like :)
  • Our this years team structure is sorted out
  • I already allocated this years budget frame
  • I already had the first mail exchange with our rental company about our new concepts
  • I know of the PawPetShow and a concert feature coming up in witch I will take an active role as musician
  • I already went through the first 4 band-reherasal weekends and prepared a lot of stuff I need for making live music
Sunday 2012.05.07:
After a long saturday band rehearsal and sleeping in there was brunch and some aftermath with the band at a local restaurant. Then returning home after I dropped off our bass player at the airport. The rest of the evening was spend re assembling my home studio so that I can again practice and program sounds. Readjusted the switchpoint of my my keyboard pedals and updating them from no-name-plugs to Neutrik plugs was due, too. Failing pedals of plugs during the concert would be a nightmare as most of my live patches relay heavily on them; not only sustain but also layer switching, sfx triggers and cross fades.  
After that I spend some hours digging for my old Heather Alexander song transcriptions, putting some of them into another key for Alexander James Adams, refining the chord notation and putting them online for the band.
Bed called around 3am.

Monday 2012.05.08:
while sitting at work I got the Idea of splitting My Hammond patch and the Pad patch on two separate keyboards but using only one Board to run all the controls off (rotary, distortion, filter, etc) So this calls for even more MIDI cabling and expanding the Programming of the MOTU Midi Timepiece II that does all the routing in the rig.
Back home I started just this, documenting my setup cabling, and MTP II Programming along with it.
Did some SysEx Backup of the Wavestation and Finger training in the end.
Bed called at 3am again.

Tuesday 2012.05.09:
Spend the whole evening wrapping my mind around Wavestation programing (it really has bean a while)
In the end I got my Patch and the Performance to work with the new setup. Dumped another 2 hours into fine tuning crossfade parameters, velocity curves, gain setups, filter ceilings etc. - just for one song!
Next up: Organizing my Performances according to the setlist and creating performances and patches for the songs I havn't worked on.
- But not today :)
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