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Thursday 2012.05.10
Well, it's time to go to the storage again. Returning equipment I took out for the wedding and the band rehearsal and getting stuff for the upcoming CFD. This time:
  • 4x JB Scanners
  • 3x GLP Moving Heads
  • Strobe
  • 4x Pin Spot Bars
  • Some Cables
  • Clamps and Safetys
After that's ArtJam-Time in Kettwig, maens the weekly meet and talk about Projects. :)

Friday 2012.05.11
Packing stuff for CFD at home, mainly audio equipment for recording and audience microphoning.

Saturday - Sunday 2012.05.12 - 13 (CFD 09)
Got up at 10:00 for Breakfast and loading the car. Found that the clamps I need for the Moving Heads are not where I expected them to be. This means another unplanned trip to the storage and at least 20 minutes delay.
Skipped breakfast, loaded the car AFAP and was off to the storage.
Did make some good progress with catching up on my schedule until the traffic jam on the A3 ate it away again. So I was 30 Minutes late on location.
Unloaded and parked the car, raided the next ATM and Bakery and finally had breakfast.
Setup went smooth and without big issues. It's always nice to work with people that know their job.
Party started 20:15 cos of some delay at the registration desk.
Operated the lights for some 3h in total that night. Slowly I get a hang of Martin Lightjockey but it's pain in the ass with no hardware controller (like faderboad or triggerpads)
Also enjoyed the party as just a party-goer, talking to a lot of people and dancing.
But when everyone goes to bed at 04:00 more or less drunk I have to start working again. It's breakdown time ... and it's dragging.
Had everything on the ground at 06:00 and ready to load at 07:00. I finally left the location around 07:45 and hit the matress 08:45.
So the true Sunday for me started 16:00. Taking stuff back to the storage and relaxing - already feeling the muscle ache in my back and arms.

Next week will definitive be a relax week, since I'm not going to MMC. After 6 weekends in a row with no break I need some time to wind down.
Tags: audio, music, party, stage

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