April 27th, 2013


Wavestation Mod

If you happen to own a Korg Wavestation EX or Korg Wavestation A/D sooner or later you will face the problem of a dying LCD Backlight.

Now you're left with two options:
1) Replace the Backlight LE Foil with a new one and stay with the bad viewing angle and the inverter whine.
2) Replace the whole display with a LED version and get rid of all the annoying stuff.

After Cheetah and EIsfuchs did the first option a couple of years ago I now took on the second, after the inverter whine drove me crazy when working with the old Korg Lady a whole day in my studio.

So thanks to the internetz I found http://tellun.com/wavestation/wavestation.html
The Mod is for the A/D but since I know that the A/D And the EX are exactly the same System on the inside I decided to try it on the EX.

Collapse )

The display is now inverted (white font on dark blue background) ... and it's bright! Even I'm only giving it about 20mA (it's rated for 100mA! And the synth is now completely silent :)

Hopefully this will last for the rest of the wavestation's life.
But since all (except the power supply) adoptions are made on the new display It's easy to swap back to the original one (or yet another)