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Against FurZombies

Me too? Sure!

I've already voiced my opinion in different journals so far.
So there is no other way for me than supporting this uprising group against taxidermy plush.

I obtain a well-founded contra position in that real fur plush matter that is not based on any "but mommy said it's bad" and I will not put it up to discussion here. Periode. Also I'm not going into the accusations, arguments, and ethics corner here. (cos than it would be a damn long post nobody would ever read).

But don't get me wrong. It's neither against the classic taxidermy craft which I respect as quit challenging nor the art of making a lovable plush animal which I have done myself.

But this is against the use of real fur for luxury.
Raising the demand for real fur while on the other side international organizations fight against fur trade.
How long until someone wants a little simba lion cub plush cos he's such a great TLK fan? And how long until the black market has that fur read for sale?

So take a look at this site (click banner) and wake up your mind!
Against Fur Zombies

(insults and flames will be deleted with no further warning!)