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Upgraded to Win7-Pro64 today.
It's on my new PC (Intel Core i7 860 @2,8 GHz, 4GB RAM, 1TB HDD) now - my christmas present to myself. And it runs great so far :) Had no problems installing all Hardware including my Tascam-DAW.

Still need some time to get around the new naming conventions and concepts (having used XP for nearly a decade now). But the screen-casts on MS.com help you to get a hang of it - never believed that.
Once you've learned how to customize everything to your needs it's not THAT far away from XP. :)

And now back to the tedious task of installing all the software ...
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Lucky you, I just have pass the week-end trying to instal seven on a core i5 @ 3,7Ghz + G.skill ram + SSD and Asus P7P55D mother board .... And after 7 or 8 instalation, can kip it running without bleu screen or reading error ... with and without overcloking, and the pc perfectly run on windows XP ... :D
I also have a Asus P7P55D but in the PRO version, because I need the Firewire, digital audio and SLI features.
At first it also blue-screened on me but that I got fixed running a bios update, installing the most recent drivers from Asus and updating Win7.
The only issue still left is that it does some bullshit with the NIC keeping it from initializing the network correctly after boot. But I'm not the only one with that problem and it's not related to only Realtek NICs. MS is working on that issue so it hopefully gets patched soon. Meanwhile deactivating and reactivating the NIC after Boot gets your network working.

Besides that The machine now runs >24h without any glitch.
I already have update the bios for the 1207 version, kip doying the same... And I don't find any reason for that, as it's running perfectly under all test on wndows XP. The only real diference it's 32 and 64bit but theire is no reason for that to creat some instability :/

And for the fun :