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Feb. 21st, 2009


(no subject)

(stolen from kralle )


Jan. 8th, 2009


667 - neighbors of the beast

(I wanted to post that yesterday but somehow LJ was broken)

My dear [info]eosfoxx has started a new comic project

667 - neighbors of the beast

what this is about - go check it out




Oct. 31st, 2008


I love Internet geeks!

<insert  "long time no post" blah blah here>

I love Internet tech comunities with their geek knowledge and do-it-your-selfe tutorials for quite ev'rything on this planet. (Moon will be included into Web3.0)

It all boiles down to know where the nuts and bolts are you have to screw.

Geek story behin this cutCollapse )

I love you internet geeks


Apr. 14th, 2008


Wir sind noch hier! - Black-Paw-Shop is Back!

*Ganz dreist von

nachtfuchs klau*

So, hat ja lang genug gedauert (fast neun Monate) aber der Shop ist wieder da.
Eigentlich war nie geplant ihn offline zu nehmen aber nachdem auf dem tigress Server ein Update gefahren wurde war die Shop Software einfach zu alt und nichts ging mehr.
Und das passiert natürlich immer zum ungünstigsten Zeitpunkt überhaupt.  ;)
Naja, es gab zwar genügend Gerüchte, aber es war tatsächlich nur ein technischer Defekt, den wir zum Anlass genommen haben, den gesamten Shop neu aufzubauen.

An erster Stelle steht weiterhin der Verkauf von allen Sofawolf Artikeln in Europa, dazu kommen noch ein paar Artikel von Rabbit Valley und diversen Artists, sowie die Furry Fantasies CD.


Auf jeden Fall wünsche ich euch erstmal viel Spass beim Stöbern und danke für eure Geduld.

Sorry for the German :)

Finally, after quite a downtime, the all new BlackPaw Shop is back online! :)

For all international people - Please note that the BlackPaw shop is mainly a distributor for Germany and Europe! For USA - all Sofawolf Press products are available directly from the Sofawolf Press website! (you don't want to pay high shipping costs from Germany if you can directly order it from USA, do you? ;) )
We also sell a few german products too like the Furry Fantasies CD and stuff from various german artists.

(I will hand over the buisness of Black-Paw-Shop to Nightfox . Though I will stay part of Black-Paw, working on the more tech related projects like Audio, Video, and Stage Productions)

Apr. 8th, 2008


Faites Votre Jeu

The New "Poets Of The Fall" Album "Revolution Roulette" is out now!

This is the third full album by the Poets and it's even harder than the second one but without lacking the harmonic and melodic style of the Poets.
Also it features some nice slow and calm songs like "Where we draw the line" or "Fragile".

So all you Poet Fans out there get your copy here NOW! ;)

Ev'ryone who ordered with me can pick up his stuff now.

Yours Jar
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Feb. 14th, 2008



You only have birthday once a year,
and you only turn 30 once in your live.
Both accidentally happened to me today. :)

I will not celebrate it in big style.
We will have a something nice to eat and a glass of good wine at the artjam tonight.
Tomorrow I will have dinner with my close friends at a verry good Tai restaurant.
And that's it :)
Then I'm an old fart of 30.
Many have been there .. Many will follow.

And happy valentine to all out there that believe in love.
Get yourselve something sweet and celebrate. :)


Jun. 22nd, 2007


They did it ... moving in

Now I have one too ...
Long time I asked myselfe "what do I need an LJ for ..?". Now I know: to read the LJs of my friends who recently switchen to "friends only" mode.

But there's an anecdote with that:
Several weeks ago tanidareal changed her LJ to "friends only" and we joked about me now having to hijack someones account to read hers.
Some days ago I recieved a Mail saying "welcome to LJ". For the first second I considered it to be spam until I found another mail by Tani saying "I just cerated you an account, have fun".
So here I am, thanks Tani.

I can't say what I'm going to post here.
Most likely some documentaries on projects I'm working on or techtoys I'm repairing.

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